Design principles are a set of considerations that form the basis of any good product, whether the product in question is a service, an experience, physical or digital. I find design principles as a great way to articulate and instill design philosophy. In my 15-year career I have practiced multiple…

Image credit: Hugh D’Andrade, EFF Senior Designer

We often hear, that we are living in precarious times. Technologies like AI, data science, social media, have the potential to provide benefit, but they all have unintentional consequences. It’s not that people sounding this alarm are anti-tech, most of them are extremely engaged with and interested in new technologies…

A design thinking approach

RKS Design CEO Ravi Sawhney recently wrote an article on fixing fast food, stating food is not a diet but a life style. Moreover he recommends some approaches to fix the $191 billion industry; not making fast food too fast, personalizing the experience and leveraging the local context.


Hina Shahid

Multidisciplinary designer // Social Impact Designer: |

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